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Reviews of the major in-ear monitor brands on the market. features the most popular in-ear monitors brands that are available today.  There are many in-ear monitor manufacturers so that it is quite easy to get confused when you are interested in or shopping for them.  A complete in-ear monitor system consists of 3 fundamental items.

  1. Earbuds or headphones to hear with
  2. A wired or wireless mixer or preamp to get the signal to the earbuds or headphones
  3. A monitor source for the user to adjust the sound coming from the mixing board or other sources

We have put together an in-ear monitor brands list that will give you a good listing of the major manufacturers.

Our featured sections of the site will link you to even more detailed information about these specific products.

Some helpful in-ear monitor basics

Universal vs custom mold ear buds
Universal or custom mold in-ear monitor ear buds? We here at IEMreviews have chosen to only discuss and when possible review “universal fit” ear buds. Why you ask, well custom fit ear buds require the user go to an ear specialists and get a mold of each ear and then send that mold off to the company that makes the brand of ear buds they want to use. This adds a lot of time and expense to the cost. Since most people are average they can use universal fit ear buds which usually come in three sizes (small, medium and large).

Earbud tips
Another variation for the user to choose is the type of tip they will put on the earbud itself. All the makes of ear buds that we discuss here have removable ear bud tips. This allows for the choice of size but also type. The two most common types are memory foam and rubber. The memory foam requires the user to squish it and then inset it into the ear. It then quickly expands and makes almost a custom seal in your ear. The memory foam is prone to getting dirty really fast both in transport and while in the ear. It is not easy to clean and needs to be replaced often.
The rubber tip is preformed and just pops into your ear cavity. If it fits the users ear well then a good seal is created and the result is fine. For some ears though it can never quite seal up well enough and allows some leakage from the outside world. Users in this situation either must use foam or consider a custom mold for the earbuds.

Drums and Bass
Due to the lower frequencies these two instruments require to be heard a good seal is necessary. Without a tight seal the user will not hear any bass or low end at all and may as well not even be using them. Usually when a user complains about not hearing the bass guitar or kick it is because of this reason.

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