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Chris Parker Bass Player

Welcome to IEM Reviews.  My name is Chris Parker and I live on Seacoast NH, in the USA.  I have been playing bass since 1970 both part time and full time at different places in my life.  I have been using In Ear Monitors for over 5 years now.  My first system was a pair of Sony CX300 ear buds running off an inexpensive Rolls PM55 earphone amp.  I used a wired connection to keep the costs down.   Now a days I use a Sennheiser EW 300 IEM wireless system with Westone stock ear buds.  I currently use a Mackie DL32r digital mixer.  I control my IEM mix on my iPad.

IEM reviews was created to give beginners and experienced musicians a more informative guide to using in-ear monitors and accessories. It’s easy to get confused when you’re looking to get into IEM, so this site is here to teach you about the various brands and accessories that are available.  The site also gives you information on related subjects that relate to the use these systems.

I also feature a page on my picks for the top brands as well as a lengthy list of the major in-ear monitor brands. These review guides will help you figure out which IEM system will be the best choice for your needs.

On each brand review pages, we feature one or more popular model(s) available from that brand. You will be able to find information and pictures on each of these products, as well as a recommendation to an online merchant where you can purchase the model for a very affordable price.

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