Carvin EM900 960 Wireless In-Ear Personal Monitor System

Carvin EM900 960 Wireless In-Ear Personal Monitor System

The Carvin EM900 and EM901 have changed to 518-542Mhz Frequency operation.  This is not compatible with older 600Mhz frequency operating units.  

Whether you’re playing live or rehearsing, you need to hear yourself to be your best. That’s what the Carvin EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System is all about. Ideal for both on stage use and rehearsals, the EM900 is a terrific alternative to cumbersome floor monitor wedges, facilitating greater freedom of movement while enabling one to hear everything in either high fidelity mono or stereo. Performers can use as many as 16 complete EM900 systems simultaneously on stage and any number of EM901 stereo receivers on the same frequency.

Carvin’s new EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System delivers full 30 Hz – 15 kHz frequency response for the most natural audio quality possible – enabling the full dynamic range of the monitored signal to sound exactly as it should. To further ensure the most natural sounding audio quality, the EM900 includes a built-in limiter that keeps the sound quality of the monitored signal pure and intelligible – enabling the performer to hear like never before, even at lower volume levels. To further ensure pristine audio quality, this versatile monitoring system uses a PLL design that effectively eliminates annoying static without the need for a squelch control.

Package Includes:
– one EM901 960 Channel Receiver
– one EM900 960 Channel Transmitter
– one EM902 earbuds


My Review

OK I am not a big fan of this unit.  Mind you the one I have is the previous frequency bands and it is possible that that has dealt with the issues I have.  From a manufactured point of view I find the transmitter and receiver fine though the antenna is physically hug, it almost fills the back of my rack unit going from left to right.  I don’t like the battery pack at all.  It has to be removed from the receiver and then the batteries are changed.  i have an issue changing them but the person in my band who uses the unit seems fine with changing his batteries.  in fact he uses rechargeable and he says they fit and work fine.

I find the signal is very good and potentially loud when i am auditioning in in my home but when it gets out in the field my band member who uses this unit is always complaining about signal drop or just no signal at all.  I did mention this in a thread on and one poster suggested it was my setup and that I didn’t know what I was doing.

In closing for an entry level unit I can’t personally recommend this unit but many others do and like it so as with all reviews do your homework and then make an educated decision.


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Carvin EM900 IEM


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