Galaxy Audio AS-900 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

Galaxy Audio AS-900 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

The Galaxy Audio AS-900 is a great entry level Wireless In Ear Monitor.
This system features an 80mW receiver output. The receiver also contains an RF and low battery indicator. The transmitter has L/R level display, stereo XLR/¼ inch inputs and a headphone output with volume control. The Galaxy AS900 is a single channel, fixed frequency unit.

AS900T Transmitter Features: 

  • AF L/R Indicator
  • Transmits in Stereo or Mono
  • Fixed Frequency
  • XLR/¼ inch Combo Input
  • RF Output 10 mW

AS900R Receiver Features: 

  • Headphone Out Volume Control
  • 80 mW
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • RF Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • 3.2 oz (90 g)


My review

The Galaxy Audio AS-900 isn’t a bad entry level unit and for the price I feel it packs a pretty good bang for your buck.  The distance it sends it’s signal will easily cover any stage the average player at this price range will use.  Rear inputs are both XLR and balanced in a combo jack array.  Volume controls for left and right are also mounted on the rear of the unit.  The antenna is detachable so if you don’t rack it up in some way you can easily pack it up.  I found the sound quality to be above average and again at a $200 price range it was very acceptable.  The belt pack feels sturdy but made of plastic.  Antenna look wimpy but is firmly placed.

The Belt Pack Receiver

OK this little guy has a few interesting issues.  None of which should keep you from buying it.  I found it was difficult to put ion the batteries and close the door.  If you by chance put them in in revers (as I did) you have to take the box apart to get them out so be warned.  Also the indicator light on it is not an on off light it is a signal present light.

The Transmitter

This box is mostly metal and again the antenna can be removed easily.  I have this unit racked up along with my Sennheiser and Carvin IEM units.  When i power on the rack all of my in-ear units power on except this one.  I have to manually turn it on after I power up the rack.  Again don’t let this keep you from buying it but a number of times the person in my band using it has to remind me to turn it on.

The Earbuds

Well you guessed it, like most in-ear monitors the buds are not usable and must be tossed or relegated to the backup box of your gear.

I hope you found this review helpful.

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Galaxy Audio AS-900

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