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IEM Bass Mix. Many musicians are trying to figure our how to get their new  IEM’s to sound good.  Many can’t get a good bass to monitor mix.  Often times they report that other instruments sound fine but as the song goes “It’s All About That bass“.   One player uses a Shure PSM 300 which he plugs his bass into.  He uses Shure SE 215 ear buds that came stock with the Shure PSM 300.  I offered this advice to him on and I am repeating it here on IEM Reviews with some additional points

IEM Bass Mix

Shure PSM 300

The Shure PSM 300 is stereo. I recommend (and have done in the past) that you go purchase a small 2 to 4 channel. mixer. A good example would be an Alesis Multi Mix 8, I use one now. Now take your monitor send from the board and run that into channel one of the mixer and pan it to the right to say 1:00.

  • Plug your bass signal from wherever you get it and plug it into channel 2 and pan it to 11:00.  Now you can say your bass goes to 11:00 :)
  • Next run the left and right out of the mixer into your Shure making certain tht the mixer is set to stereo and not mono.  This will give you a stereo field a mix and the panning will solve a lot of issues.
  • Each channel now has its own tone control and a nice mike preamp to help enhance the sound.
  • If the 215 buds are sealing well enough you should at least have a better sound overall.
  • Last of all apply some big hall reverb sparingly to the over all mix.

Good luck Chris


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