IEM Beginners Guide – set up an inexpensive in-ear monitor system

IEM Beginners GuideIEM Beginners Guide

How To Hear How Yourself At An Affordable Price!!!

If you are reading this you are probably looking for some information on how to set up an IEM system (In Ear Monitor).  This IEM Beginners Guide is designed just for you.

Why use in-ear monitors?

  • Save your hearing
  • Hear what you and everybody else is playing and singing
  • Reduce stage noise that impacts the front sound
  • Less equipment to carry
  • Set up fast and easy

…Even If You’ve Never Used In Ear Monitors Before In Your Life…

Listen up (no pun intended)

IEM Reviews IEM Beginners Guide recommends 2 systems to get into in-ear monitors at an affordable price.

Buy 1 of the 2 wired in ear monitor systems that I recommend below:

Notes:  The Sennheiser IEM CX ear buds are quite good for their price point and will allow you the isolation you need as a bass player or drummer.  When I originally set this up for myself I used the CX 300 buds.  When I wrote this article I ordered up a pair of the newer CX 300 II buds and have reviewed them.  Now they have the CX 3.0 which i understand are even batter.

The Rolls PM55P is essential because it has compression protection against spikes which is highly important for protecting your ears.

The Rolls mike stand adapter is not essential but if you are a standing musician it makes it easier to adjust when the controls are a reaching height instead of on the floor or an amp.

Update:  One of the guitar players in my band was using a pair of Shure 215 buds.  At a recent show I asked him to try the CX 300II buds for a set.  Now he only sings backups and plays lead guitar.  He liked them better than the Shure buds and used them all night.

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System 1 – estimated cost $135.00

System #2 – Estimated Cost $250.00

System #2 varies in the quality of the ear bud. The Westone UM Pro 10 is a high quality single driver ear bud for beginners.  UM Pro10 ear bud is a noise isolating earphones.  Built for musicians the UM Pro10 dishes-out big sound w extraordinary detail and clarity in a low profile, lightweight, universal earpiece, the UM Pro10 is the high performance earphone that has changed the game. The replaceable cable with “Up and Over” cable routing helps keeps the earphone securely in place.

Now connect your in-ear monitor system to your PA and rock on !!!

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Good luck and remember “Save your hearing – go in-earing”

Chris Parker

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