IEM Wireless 600 MHz Band Auction

IEM Frequency Auction

IEM Frequency Auction – FCC Wireless Equipment 600 MHz Band Auction

IEM Frequency Auction

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WASHINGTON, D.C.— IEM frequency auction.  The Federal Communications Commission’s Incentive Auction came to an end on January 18, 2017 when telecommunications companies met the closing criteria for a clearing target of 84 MHz, of which 70 MHz is public airwaves. After four reverse and forward auction stages and a process that extended over 43 weeks, wireless providers bid $18.2 billion, successfully meeting the aggregate asking price of the participating television broadcasters plus stipulated costs.

When the FCC drew up its 2010 National Broadband Plan in response to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a stimulus package passed by Congress in 2009, it planned to sell off as much as 144 MHz of UHF spectrum in the 600 MHz band to the telecommunications companies. The FCC plan called for the target frequency spectrum to be cleared by incumbent TV stations to be reduced at successive stages of the auction if telco bids failed to meet the broadcasters’ asking prices.

Once the IEM Frequency Auction is concluded and frequency repack details are announced, there will be a maximum of 39 months before the relevant spectrum must be vacated to make way for the new occupants—but it could be sooner if the new owners are ready to start their test procedures.

“It’s incumbent on wireless mics not only to not interfere with new licensed services in the auction band, but also it may require some new frequency assignments once the dust settles and the new TV map is realized,” says Brunner. Whatever the eventual outcome of the auction, the future for wireless mic operators will involve a mix of licensed and unlicensed bands, he says.

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“RF Mic Manufacturers Prepare for Altered Wireless Landscape.”

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In Ear Frequency Auction In English

The FCC has auctioned off the remaining 600 MHZ band.  Date of the action To Be Determined.

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