Shure SE425

Shure SE425 In-Ear Monitors

The Shure SE425 earbuds are designed for the demanding audio specifications of live performance.  The Shure SE425 is engineered to provide quality audio. Hear all the details of your music with Dual High-Definition Micro Drivers that deliver an incredibly accurate and balanced listening experience. Featuring Dual High-Definition Micro Drivers, the Shure SE425 uses a dedicated […]

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MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-Fit In-Ear Monitors

M6 PRO Universal-Fit In-Ear Monitors With a durable, comfortable design and great sound, the MEE audio (formerly ME Electronics) M6 PRO In-Ear Monitors are an all-in-one audio solution for gym, stage, and street. Flexible over-the-ear memory wire and seven pairs of ear tips provide a secure, personalized fit for all ears. The M6 PRO features […]

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Shure se315

Shure se315 In-ear Monitor Earbuds

The Shure se315 evolved from personal monitor technology that’s been road-tested by pro musicians, the Shure se315 delivers full range sound for personal listening or professional monitoring. High-Definition Micro Drivers deliver full range sound while the Tuned Bass Port optimizes low end performance utilizing a vented driver. Designed to meet the needs of live performance […]

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Simple Steps On How To Clean Earbuds

How To Clean Earbuds How To Clean Earbuds – Every time you put your earbuds in your ear you are getting them dirty. No matter how clean your ears are it is part of our body’s defense to create earwax to protect against infection and block out dust and dirt. While earbud earphones offer a […]

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Westone UM 2

Earbuds: Foam Versus Rubber Tips

Foam Versus Rubber Tips.  When it comes to technology, every part of a contraption serves as a way to complete a bigger picture. You will rarely see anything extraneous inside of a piece of technology as a result. You don’t find exra buttons on a remote. You don’t find extra steering wheels in a car. […]

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Fender IEM

Fender IEM – In-Ear Monitor FXA2

The Fender IEM lets you hear every nuance of your music with lifelike clarity with the Fender IEM Monitor FXA2 in-ear monitor. From the deepest lows to clear, singing highs, your monitor mix comes alive with highly musical sound from these serious monitors for serious players who appreciate a rich low end. Fender IEM Monitor […]

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Sennheiser EW 300 IEM

Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3-A-US IEM system

Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3-A-US in ear monitor system Sennheiser EW 300 IEM. Hear better, perform better. Sennheiser monitoring systems are trusted by professionals worldwide and now are better than ever. Featuring an adaptive-diversity receiver, the receiver pack uses the headphone cable as a secondary antenna for flawless reception. Ear-canal phones, with various ear-fitting pads […]

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IEM Bass Mix

IEM Bass Mix, IEM Reviews

IEM Reviews – IEM Bass Mix IEM Bass Mix. Many musicians are trying to figure our how to get their new  IEM’s to sound good.  Many can’t get a good bass to monitor mix.  Often times they report that other instruments sound fine but as the song goes “It’s All About That bass“.   One player […]

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IEM Reviews

A beginners guide to IEM

Starting out with IEM, a beginners guide to in-ear monitors Starting out with IEM was published on  I have changed some of Starting out with IEM article it to make it more relevant with 2017. A quick overview:  I  discovered a great set of earbuds made by Sennheiser (Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced […]

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