KZ ZS5 Dynamic Quad Driver

KZ ZS5KZ ZS5 Dynamic Quad Driver

Product description

Color:Grey without Mic


1. Product Name: Original KZ ZS5 In-ear Earphone
2. Brand: KZ
3. Model: ZS5
4. Earphone type: In-ear
5. Impedance: 18Ω
6. Earphone sensitivity: 106dB/mW
7. Frequency range: 20-20000Hz
8. Interface: 3.5mm Gilded
9. Plug Type: L curved
10.Cable Length: 1.2m±3cm
11.Color: Grey
12.With Mic: Optional
13.Detachable cable: Yes
14.Drivers: 2DD+2BA hybrid driver unit

Reviewed by Chris Parker

Well I don’t have insanely expensive buds but I have a number of Westone UMPro 20‘s of different variations. I did use my KZ ZS5 last night for two out of 3 sets. Now let me set the scene here because my IEM band is a fairly unique set up. All instruments and drums (7 piece V Drums) go direct so the only actual sound onstage is the drummers sticks hitting his pads!!! We have one monitor in front of me with bass and drums that match the FOH. I mix from stage and have the FOH in my left ear. Since the band is so quiet we all use 1 bud. I know I know not a good idea but it is a very quiet stage. In fact I have to make sure I don’t stand to close the the drums because the sticks on the pads throw me off.

I must first agree that for a price point with upgraded cable of around $40 this is the best bang for the buck out there. Please throw your Shure 215’s away! Now there may be an even better KZ’s but the point is this is not a waste of money. When I used the single bud the sound was very good, like a lot of people have reported the mids and highs are really there in a nice way.

As a bass player I would be better off using both buds but because I mix and need to feel things I don’t. Hence the small monitor in front of me and the rest of the band. So the ZS5’s were lacking on the low end but I understood why. I enjoyed the first two sets but wanted a good comparison to my UM Pro 20’s.

It was quite a shock. First off even with one bud in the bass came through very solid but the mids and upper highs were almost muffled compared to the ZS5. I finished off the set and that was it.

So wrapping up, I will try these again at the next gig and try both ears at the same time. May I say that when I listed to music on my phone with both buds in it is amazing. I will add to this after my next gig in a week but I must agree that you can’t go wrong with these.

Lets talk comfort and cable length. I found these sat in my ear fine but everybody has a different experience so who knows. Over all the cable over the ear was OK. It has a sort of memory wire around it and you can bend it to conform. I do admit I like the fit of the bud and cable feel of the Westone but that is not a reason not to try or use these. I use a Sennheiser G300 system and i wear the body pack on my left hand side belt. I run the cable under my shirt or coat and plug it in under my covering. This cable is much shorter that the Westone’s. it did reach but it didn’t have a lot of slack.

If you are on the fence about going In Earing start here.:)


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