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Digitech Drop

I have used this box several times now since I got it.  I had been thinking about getting another octave for my setup.  I was please to find this box had one and I must say I like it.  The octave is subtle and below the original.  I like to use it higher up on the neck.  For example when I play “Talk in your sleep, by the romantics” I will start off the song an octave up with the octave function engaged.  As the song moves to singing I will turn off the octave and move to the proper position on the neck.

This box saved my bacon the other day.  I was playing a pickup gig with new people.  They provided me a song list and one song was a Helen Reddy song which was recorded in C.  As we started to play the song they told me it was in G (gulp).  Well I dialed down to what would be a G on the drop box and turned it on.  it worked great with no legacy.  So I highly recommend this little guy.


This device is a giant capo for your amplifier.

  • Polyphonic drop tune allows you to drop tune from 1 semi-tone to a full octave
  • Momentary or latching mode foot switch
  • True Bypass
  • 33 9 pitch modes
  • 9VDC Power Supply included

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