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Best Live Vocal Mics

Best Live Vocal Mics Singers are always asking me, “what’s the Best Live Vocal Mics?” Well there really is no single “best microphone”. A mic is like a pair of shoes, what fits one person perfectly might not fit another very well at all. That being said here is a rundown of some popular live […]

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TV Wireless Headphones

The Best TV Wireless Headphones – Review

TV Wireless Headphones The following TV Wireless Headphones review is to help you educate yourself about TV Monitors.  Is listening to the nightly news at 100 decibels because your partner is having trouble hearing is not your idea of a relaxing evening?  Do you want to catch the highlights on ESPN while lying in bed […]

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Simple Steps On How To Clean Earbuds

How To Clean Earbuds How To Clean Earbuds – Every time you put your earbuds in your ear you are getting them dirty. No matter how clean your ears are it is part of our body’s defense to create earwax to protect against infection and block out dust and dirt. While earbud earphones offer a […]

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