Westone AM Pro 20 IEM Dual Driver In-Ear Monitor

Westone AM Pro 20 – Listen to Your Mix, Hear Your Surroundings

Westone AM Pro 20

Westone AM Pro 20

Thanks to its innovative passive ambient design, the  Westone AM PRO 20 IEM buds in-ear monitors from Westone provide you with an in-ear monitor mix that keeps you connected to your audience, band mates, and performance without sacrificing audio clarity, frequency response, or punch. Westone’s exclusive SLED technology, unlike traditional open-port ambient monitors, reproduces your performance’s full frequency range, low end and all. Upgrade your performing experience with Westone Am Pro 20 in-ear monitors!


My Review:  I was using Westone UM 2 for about 5 years.  Just got a pair of the Westone AM PRO 20 IEM buds.  I found the ambient chamber really added a lot to the overall sensation.  I no longer experienced the seclusion that many users of IEM report.  I really like them. Everything sounded better.  They let in just the right amount of ambient stage noise.

According to Westone the Westone AM PRO 20 IEM buds are partially open to the real world until the signal level being fed into them rises.  They then slowly close the opening letting the fed signal take over.

For me the tips make a big difference, I use the medium sized black rubber tips.  They make a great seal to my ears.

Conversations:  Talking on stage to each other was much easier at low or no volume levels.  This made it much easier to talk to the other members of the bands between songs.  Since the whole band used IEM we had to setup a talk back mike for the band leader.  I think these buds could remove the need for one.

Fatigue:  When wearing them on stage and playing 45 minute to 1 hour sets I experienced no fatigue.  I did find that during a 3 hour rehearsal with no breaks they did start to get a little noticeable.   This discomfort was not enough to make me want to stop using them.

Plenty of Bass:  I was concerned about the Bass guitar loss with Westone AM PRO 20 however that is not the case. I think it sounded a little better then with my Westone UM 2 IEM buds I had been using.  The sound of my Bass though was normal and perhaps a little better defined.  I found I didn’t play as hard as I did before even though I hadn’t changed the channel send for my bass in my mix.

High End is Nice:  Great top to bottom sound. My 5 string Steinberger Synapse sounded very good through them and the vocals were well defined.

No need to remove one earpiece to get a “live feeling” which can be damaging to your hearing. I can imagine this might also appeal to bass players or drummers who want to hear a little of their actual sound.

Block Me Out:  I must mention that if  total  isolation is what you want or need, these are probably not for you as there is not any way to control the ambience – it’s always open.  Keep in m ind that as soon as the music starts they close up fast.



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